• What are the processes for producing plastic bottle caps?

What are the processes for producing plastic bottle caps?

1. Compression molded bottle cap production process

Compression molded bottle caps have no material opening marks, look more beautiful, have low processing temperatures, small shrinkage, and more accurate bottle cap sizes.

The compression-molded bottle cap remains in the upper mold, the lower mold moves away, the bottle cap passes through the rotating plate, and the bottle cap is removed from the mold according to the internal thread in the counterclockwise direction.

2. Injection bottle cap production process

Injection molding molds are large in size and troublesome to replace. Injection molding requires higher pressure to produce multiple bottle caps per mold, and the heating temperature of the material is higher, so the energy consumption is higher than that of compression molding.

Put the mixed material into the injection molding machine, heat the material to about 230 degrees Celsius in the machine to become a semi-plasticized state, inject it into the mold cavity through pressure, and cool and shape.

When the bottle cap cools and shrinks, the mold rotates counterclockwise, and the bottle cap is ejected under the action of the push plate, so that the bottle cap automatically falls off. The use of thread rotation to demould can ensure the complete formation of the entire thread, which can effectively avoid The bottle cap is deformed and scratched.

Post time: Mar-04-2024