• Easily open canning bottles (2)

Easily open canning bottles (2)

Tips for opening cans easily

Tape bottle opening method:

First, we select approximately 25-30 cm of tape. Then stick the tape to the cap of the can bottle and stick it counterclockwise (be careful not to stick the glass bottle together). About halfway through, fold the tape in half to make a handle. Then hold the upper edge of the glass bottle with your left hand, hold the handle with your right hand, and exert force horizontally. The can was opened easily.

I almost poked my hand with a screwdriver.

First use the method of prying the bottle cap, pick up the screwdriver and pry the can bottle cap. After prying hard for a few times, I heard the glass at the mouth of the bottle break with a hissing sound. The screwdriver slipped and almost pricked my hand. Stop prying, and then twist the bottle cap hard without opening it.

Slapping the bottom of the bottle hard is painful and time-consuming

Then, I tried the “shooting the bottom of the bottle” method. The can bottle was turned upside down, and the bottom of the bottle was patted three times with the whole palm, and then the bottle cap was twisted hard, but it was not opened several times. Then pat the bottom of the bottle and twist the cap. Repeat this three times before opening the cap. The whole process takes 1 minute and 20 seconds. When patting the bottom of the bottle, the palm of the hand will be very painful. Generally, women with weak hand strength are not suitable to use this method to open cans.

Soak in hot water for 20 seconds and it will be done easily

The principle of “prying the mouth of the bottle” and “slapping the bottom of the bottle” is to “deflate” the can bottle. Next, use the principle of “thermal expansion and contraction” to open the bottle cap. Place the can bottle upside down in a bowl (or plate) filled with hot water so that the water engulfs the entire bottle cap. After 20 seconds, take out the can, wipe off the water on the cap, and open the cap easily with a little force.

Comparing these 6 techniques for opening can lids, the method of soaking in hot water is the safest, easiest and most time-saving method; prying with a screwdriver is also faster, but it is risky. It is not recommended to use a screwdriver to pry open the can.
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