• Tinplate Metal Lug Cap Coatings

Tinplate Metal Lug Cap Coatings

The role and requirements of tinplate metal lug cap coatings, the metal material is tinplate, and the metal packaging materials of the top and bottom covers can be tinplate, chrome-plated iron and aluminum, except that aluminum will not rust, tinplate and chrome-plated will rust when exposed to moisture, The use of coatings can isolate metal materials from contact with the outside world, avoid scratches on metal substrates, and prevent corrosion factors in food from eroding substrates.

The role of tinplate metal lug cap coating: a. container protection b. decoration, brand promotion c. food preservation d. help paint iron processing and forming

Metal lug cap

Requirements for tinplate cover coatings:
1. Good storage stability;
2. The solvent in the coating is less harmful to the human body;
3. The inner coating used for cans should meet the relevant national health standards;
4. The construction is convenient, the operation is simple, and a good coating film is formed after baking and curing;
5. After the coating is formed into a film, it should have the required adhesion, hardness, impact resistance, chemical resistance, compactness and welding resistance together with the substrate to meet the process requirements of can making and lid making
6. After the canned food is sterilized and cooled, the coating film should have a good appearance without falling off;
7. The inner coating should not affect the flavor and color of the food;
8. The inner coating film and the substrate should be able to effectively prevent the corrosion of the contents

About the introduction of tinplate metal lug cap /metal twist off cap :
The surface of the bottle cap is smooth, the appearance is clean, the color is bright and bright, it is not easy to fade, the texture is good, and the color and pattern can be customized.
Food grade rubber liner, sealing line is very good, according to the content, different sealing materials are used.
The cover is complete, with three-claw, four-claw and six-claw designs according to the size.
The design of the safety button allows you to observe the condition of the food at any time.

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