• Ring Pull Cap -maxi Bottle Cap

Ring Pull Cap -maxi Bottle Cap

Size : 27mm ( used for standard 26nn neck )
Material : aluminum alloy with PE liner
Cap thickness is 0.21mm
Usage : glass bottle ,aluminum PET bottle
Features: Pull to open, easy to use, thick inner pad, good sealing. Gaskets are odorless and defect-free. The top pattern is clearly printed and the workmanship is meticulous .

Requirements for aluminum alloy materials
The pull ring cap material is an aluminum alloy coil or sheet, and different manufacturers choose different material widths and thicknesses according to the cover specifications.

Maxi crown cap

Material requirements:
1. The thickness must be uniform and the tolerance is within ±0.005mm
2. The purity, tensile strength and yield strength of the metal must be uniform
3. In order to prevent the contact between the aluminum alloy and the product, the surface layer of the aluminum material must be coated on both sides, which is also a measure to prevent excessive wear of the mold
4. In order not to cause quality defects and damage the mold during the stamping process, a layer of lubricating oil needs to be applied to the aluminum.

Pull ring cap production process
Sheet - uncoiling - cover blank forming - crimping - glue injection - packaging

Production of bottle caps:
1. After the cap is formed, the coating should not be damaged, and the cap blank should not have mechanical damage
2. The mechanical dimensions such as the depth of the countersink, the outer diameter of the curling, the opening and the height of the curling must be strictly controlled within the required dimensions.

In order to make the lid and the bottle have good sealing performance when sealing, it is necessary to apply sealant inside the lid to make a liner, which must be smooth and free of defects to ensure the sealing.

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