• Metal Lug Cap Size And Customer Needs

Metal Lug Cap Size And Customer Needs

Metal lug cap is in a huge number of sizes, we have them all, the size you need can be found here. 30#, 38#, 43#, 48#, 53#, 58#, 63#, 66#, 70#, 82#, 100#, 110# and so on .
Many customers like regular colors, gold, silver, black, white, red, green, these colors are made every day, so the delivery time is fast. If the custom pattern is also very convenient, we help to design, and the printed pattern is bright, clear, and meets the requirements.

For different needs of the product, you can choose the shape of the cover with safety button or without safety button. If there are other customization requirements, it can also be satisfied.

metal lug cap

Our company has a fully automatic production line with a high daily output, which can guarantee the delivery time very well. The production department installs testing equipment, which can accurately detect the quality of products. The production department attaches great importance to the sterile state of the production workshop, so workers must be fully sterilized before entering the workshop every day before they can enter.
The inner liner is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is very safe and hygienic in direct contact with food. In order to meet the different needs of customers, we can customize normal temperature materials and high temperature materials for customers. The normal temperature material is used for common products such as jam, canned food, etc., and the high temperature material is used for bird's nest and beverages that require high temperature sterilization, etc.
For size, each customer also has his own preference, such as beverage products, generally use 30# 38# bottle caps, and jams mostly use large-sized bottle caps. It is very convenient to use, just unscrew it.
We use double-layer packaging on the product packaging to protect the internal products and ensure the safety of transportation.

Post time: Nov-25-2022