• How to open a jam jar twist off cap?

How to open a jam jar twist off cap?

Do you know how to open a jam jar twist off cap?
01 Hot water immersion method As the saying goes: "To untie a bell, one must tie it". Since the principle of the formation of the "vacuum-like" state of cans is "hot filling and cold shrinkage", the cans are skillfully opened by "hot water soaking method". Pour half a bowl of hot water into the bowl, put the metal lid of the can upside down in the hot water, under the action of heat, through thermal expansion and contraction, the vacuum state in the canning bottle is reduced. At the same time, the thermal expansion and contraction force of the metal cover is far greater than that of the glass bottle, and the metal lug cap becomes larger and looser. Take out the can and wipe it clean with a towel, even a little girl can easily unscrew the can.


02 Borrow a hair dryer
Now people have hair dryers in their homes. After washing and blowing, the hair will dry quickly. The second way to easily open the can is to borrow a hair dryer: turn on the hot air of the hair dryer and blow the metal bottle cap of the can, especially around the cap. Through thermal expansion and contraction, the inside of the can expands with heat, and the vacuum-like state disappears; secondly, after the metal bottle cap is thermally expanded, it can be unscrewed easily.
03 Bake with a lighter
If you have a lighter at home, it is also a great way to bake it with a lighter. Use a lighter to bake a circle around the metal twist off cap of the can. Under high temperature, the metal bottle cap of the can will expand rapidly. Put a towel on the pad to prevent scalding, and with a simple twist, the can is opened.
04 Borrow a screwdriver or a small spoon
A flat-bladed screwdriver or small metal spoon can also be used to easily open the can: Find where the can snaps and use a flat-bladed screwdriver or small spoon to pry lightly. At this time, you can hear a sound , and feel that air has entered the inside of the can, and the vacuum-like state of the can disappears. At this time, even a little girl or a child can open the can with a light twist.
05 Pat the bottom of the can
"No matter how stubborn the enemy is, it is easy to break through from the inside." Compared with the previous methods, this method of patting the bottom of the can is a bit rough: hold the can tightly with the left hand, and quickly pat the bottom of the can a few times with the right hand. Through the impact force inside the can, the metal lid of the can is loosened, air overflows, and the can can be opened easily.
06 Use a wet towel skillfully
Friends with life experience often use a damp towel to open the can: the damp towel has strong friction, which can firmly fix the metal bottle cap of the can, and then twist it hard to open the can. This method is more suitable for girls in the sports department, and the little girls in the literature department are probably not enough. Can't open? Share "6 coups", little girls can easily open it without brute force

Post time: May-26-2023