• crown cap-for beer and juice

crown cap-for beer and juice

Product Introduction :
The crown cap is a versatile product that can be used for beverages such as beer, juice, sparkling water, etc. Belongs to standard size, the pattern is beautifully printed, and can be customized as required. Product quality first, short delivery time .

Chrome-plated plate and method for producing the same, and method for producing a crown cover
. The manufacturing method includes the steps of: steel making, hot rolling, pickling cold rolling, continuous annealing and leveling. In the present invention, the annealing temperature in the continuous withdrawal process is adjusted, so that the cold-rolled sheet is in an intermediate annealing state, and part of the unrecrystallized structure is retained. In this way, the strength level of the strip is guaranteed, and at the same time, the strip has a certain elongation rate to ensure its deformation ability during the stamping process.

beer bottle cap

【Patent Description】

Chrome-plated plate and method of making the same, crown cover
technical field
The invention belongs to milk steel technical field, be specifically related to a kind of chrome plate and manufacture method thereof, crown cover.
【Background technique】
Due to having good sealing performance, crown cap can keep pressure and quality and taste unchanged for a long time, so it is widely used in industries such as beer and carbonated beverages packed in glass bottles, and wherein beer industry is the main. The crown cover is a stamped tinplate, generally made of T4 material with a thickness of 0.22~0.24mm and a hardness of HR30Tm of 61 ± 3. There are two types of surface plating: tin plating (SPTE) and chrome plating (TFS). With the development of the food packaging industry, it is proposed to reduce the thickness of the crown cover, increase the strength, and use low-cost chrome plating (TFS) instead of tin plating.

Outside diameter :
Inner diameter :
Height : 6.0...
Liner : PE (Environmentally friendly materials )

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