• Beer Bottle Shape Design and Filling Quality Control (2)– beer bottle shape design

Beer Bottle Shape Design and Filling Quality Control (2)– beer bottle shape design

beer bottle shape design
The new beer standard GB4927-2001 increases the upper limit of CO2 in beer and emphasizes the requirements for glass beer bottles, that is, beer companies have higher requirements for the strength of beer bottles.
Beer companies are actively pursuing scale and efficiency, and their marketing planning is gradually combined with product appearance and packaging. The new bottle design is based on its unique shape and improved wine body quality, so as to win more consumers with improved product quality. In fact, the shape of a bottle has a great influence on its strength.

beer bottle cap and beer bottle

Bottles with complex shapes are prone to uneven distribution of glass thickness, especially at the protruding edges and corners, where twisting stress is easy to concentrate, and it is very easy to be impacted and scratched, which makes the internal pressure resistance, impact strength and heat resistance of the glass bottle change rapidly. Performance drops. From the internal pressure resistance formula:Pmax=2t·δ/D
In the formula, Pmax——inner pressure resistance strength
t——glass thickness
D——The outer diameter of the bottle body
δ——glass tensile strength
It can be seen that the larger the thickness of the bottle and the smaller the diameter, the better the resistance to internal pressure.
In recent years, Guilin Jingsheng Glass Co., Ltd. and Yanjing Beer (Guilin Liquan) Co., Ltd. have jointly designed 700mL and 600mL beer bottles with large production volume and good market response. These two kinds of bottles are characterized by concave-convex shapes on the shoulders and the bottom of the bottle, which have obvious ice effect. According to statistics, under the same filling conditions, the explosion rate of 640mL ordinary bottles is about 0.5%.
The explosion rate of 600mL ice vases is about 1.5%, while that of 700mL ice vases is as high as 6%.
For the sake of high-quality beer, beer companies tend to take the upper limit of CO2 content. For beer bottles that need to be recycled many times, in the process of shape design, more attention should be paid not to blindly pursue novelty, peculiarity and beauty, but to take into account the abnormal shape Bottles are prone to weak points, and avoiding weak points is to avoid blasting sources.
The shape of beer bottles is mainly simple and smooth. When choosing a cylindrical shape design, it is also necessary to pay attention to the shape of the bottle shoulder and the shape of the bottle heel.

Post time: Mar-13-2023