• 38mm without air cap+Other non-standard bottle caps

38mm without air cap+Other non-standard bottle caps


38mm without air cap

Many wide-mouth bottle caps seen on the market are basically 38mm bottle caps, such as Danone’s Pulse, Yili’s milk caps, Huiyuan juice caps, etc., which are basically produced using Korean SKHDPE7300, Thai Petrochemical’s HDPE2502C, etc. Of course, if some hot filling temperatures are relatively high, you need to use bottle caps with good heat resistance, which means they need to be produced with PP materials. In addition, only PP materials can be used for cushioned bottle caps.

Other non-standard bottle caps

Non-standard bottle caps generally do not have high sealing requirements, and have average requirements for heat resistance and rigidity. From a cost perspective, the above-mentioned bottle cap raw materials can be selected from the cost-effective raw materials for production.

There are many plastic raw materials in the world at present. The above only mentions the most commonly used materials for bottle caps. Many world-renowned bottle cap manufacturers use these types of raw materials to produce bottle caps, which is enough to prove that these raw materials are very mature in the use of bottle caps. , I believe that the above raw material information will be a reference for each bottle cap factory to add new projects or new production lines. Special reminder: Not all polypropylene and polyethylene can be used to produce bottle caps. When producing bottle caps, polypropylene and polyethylene that meet food hygiene requirements must be strictly selected. This is the most basic principle for raw material selection.

Post time: Nov-13-2023