• Differences Between Beverage Caps(1)

Differences Between Beverage Caps(1)

Differences Between Beverage Caps
Bottle caps should be a very common thing in daily life, such as bottle caps for drinking beverages, bottle caps for drinking water, and even bottle caps for various seasonings, etc., but relatively speaking, beverage bottle caps may be more common. Drink cold drinks when it’s cold, hot drinks when it’s hot, drinks for dinner parties, drinks during Chinese New Year and holidays, and even want a bottle of drinks when you’re bored. The following editor will introduce to you the difference between the bottle caps.
1. Rotary bottle cap
Rotary beverage bottle cap is a relatively traditional type of bottle cap. There are many threads on it, which correspond to the threads of the beverage bottle mouth. When drinking, twist it in the opposite direction to unscrew it, and then tighten the cap after drinking. That’s it, the drink won’t spill out, and it won’t leak. This type of bottle cap is a more conventional one, and most beverages are sealed with this kind of bottle cap.
2. Push-type bottle cap
Some beverages will also be sealed with push-type beverage bottle caps, especially sports drinks. The bottle cap is more convenient, and the drink can be squeezed out by pressing it with your hand, which is why this kind of bottle cap is particularly popular among sports drinks.

Post time: Jul-19-2023